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Forbidden Island Game

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One of the better press-your-luck style games available, Forbidden Island tasks you and your team of adventurers with collecting four sacred treasures from the various areas of the island. The problem is that the island is sinking, so it won’t be as simple as picking up those treasures and returning with them to your getaway chopper. You and your team (up to six players) will all start in separate areas, but you’ll have to work cooperatively in order to escape. Being able to play with your gamer kid (instead of against them) is often paramount to the family enjoyment of these games.

Each of the team members has a special ability, allowing for actions like diving into areas that have been flooded, or shoring up an area with defenses. Everyone has the chance to feel useful, which is important when playing with kids. There are also cards that influence play, like maneuvering a chopper to rescue a fellow adventurer who may be drowning. In case you haven’t guessed, Forbidden Island is a cooperative game, so there’s no danger of alienating anyone; either the entire group wins, or you don’t.

The drive for victory can be hectic and exciting though, as every single choice you make in this game is crucial; you’re in a race against the clock. If you and your team don’t act with coordination, parts of the island will rapidly start flooding, you’ll lose treasures, and possibly even teammates. It’s a scramble to survive for as long as possible, but the fun of it comes from scavenging for as much treasure as you and your little adventurer can along the way.

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