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Fore! Axel and Hudson

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Have you ever glanced lovingly at your adorable son’s face, only to realize he looks like a little old man? Yes, he is still too young to join you in growing a handlebar moustache, brining his own pickles, and setting up a stall at the local artisanal foodmarket… But he can certainly dress like he is pining away for the Gatsby era, in this fashionable pork pie hat.

Alternately, if you aren’t into reminiscing about the excess of the 1920s,check out this darker version. You can tell everyone you’re going for the gritty Popeye Doyle aesthetic, in hopes that someday, Junior will become a renegade police detective. Axel and Hudson have dozens of ridiculously cute hats… Here’s a linen fedora he can wear while you wax passionately about the intricate genius of Boardwalk Empire and Steve Buscemi.

Axel and Hudson’s stylistic choices are based on the idea of golf clothing, and one great thing about their line is that it is designed solely for boys. So much of the clothing available for young boys is emblazoned with trucks, dinosaurs, and baseballs. These hats, along with the rest of the line, are designed to look like clothing for little people, and have a stronger sense of individual style than you can find at chain clothing boutiques. For those of us who hope to stimulate our children’s aesthetic sensibility early on, the Axel and Hudson lines are a great fit.

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