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Forest Path Beanie

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A new season’s right upon us, and you’re trying to hold down last night’s dinner as you wander through the stores of the city, seeing what they’re coming out with for kids’ winter gear this year. Lady bugs, butterflies and weird-looking fairies for girls. Monsters, aliens and robots for boys. No variety, no quality and definitely not something your stylin’ kid dons for the season. No way.

Well put those sick buckets away! We’ve found a winter must-have that won’t embarrass your kid when they’re older and look back at photos from 2012. Don’t laugh — we’re still traumatized by having to wear a few things our parents picked out for us (we won’t pop in a photo here, it’s just too traumatizing).

The Forest Path Beanie is not only cool due to its whimsical name, but because it’s hand knit and made from Icelandic Acrylic (sounds fancy, right?). But it’s not just another beanie. This super-soft beanie has a cute pointed shape that makes your kid look almost like an adorable pixie-garden gnome, with two hanging ties that can be done up when it gets really chilly out there (sorry folks, summer’s over).

None of that one-size-fits-all crap — that’s just another way of saying poor quality, and that it’s not gonna fit. This beanie comes in 3 different sizes, fitting wee little babes right up to rough and tumble 6 year olds.

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