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Frank Zappa Onesie

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Continuing to surf the line of shock even after his death, Frank Zappa and his band, The Mothers of Invention, were rockers in a way that was artsy and cool, and weird and out there; they were the younger cousins of Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, and the precursor master figure to the hipster mustache.

There’s many reasons why an infant would love Frank Zappa. For starters, he loved making noises and wearing crazy-colored clothes; he loved being around people who did stuff like this, and defying authoritative figures for the sake of rebellion. If there’s anything we’ve learned about what babies find exciting, it’s exactly these four things. He was also a fan of nipples, and from studying the habits of babies we know they’re also big fans of nipples.

Frank was also quite the orator as is exemplified on this super-awesome onesie from the officially licensed line of Zappa merchandise with his infamous quote: “I LIKE NIPPLES.”

Perhaps you think the aforementioned statement is preposterous, and a baby wearing a soft, screen printed onesie with something written like this is inappropriate. If so, then go away. If not, then embrace the 100% coolness of Zappa with the 100% coolness of cotton, and give your own little invention their very first controversially crazy-cool creeper that will annoy every square you pass on the street.


  1. Nardia McPhee

    Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin mentioned in an interview that his 11-month-son son, Lion is wearing this mentioned at 1:32 at the H50 S4 Premier 26th September

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