Freddy Mercury Pillow

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Freddie Mercury Pillow

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Death is the unfortunate part of life — it sucks. Aside from taking away our friends and family, it often takes away the people we look up to the most, like musicians, only leaving us with their musical catalog. From Kurt Cobain to Jimi Hendrix, to Mia Zapata and Stiv Bators, it’s always hard when we lose a legend regardless of how it happens.

In 1991, we unfortunately lost the magnetism and four-octave vocal range that sparked Queen’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury, into becoming one of the greatest frontmen of all time. When he arrived at the end of his willfully-fought but short-lived battle with AIDS, Queen lovers the world over grieved the loss of one of rock and roll’s most enigmatic figures.

In dedication to the man who fronted an empire, Etsy designer Kayci Wheatley developed her own hand-drawn Freddie Mercury pillow, perfect for your lil’ rocker’s room. A 100% cotton, machine washable sleeping necessity, this pillow is cozy enough for your children to fall asleep on while they dream of singing, as Freddie once did, in front of millions of adoring fans.With seams that are serged for a long lasting career as your little tikes’ head and neck support, this piece of music memorabilia is ideal for big and little champions of the world that continue to listen and celebrate rock and roll’s most legendary voice.

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