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Ever wonder what kind of program your prodigal progeny could create if they were capable of writing complex lines of code at such a young age? Would they create an open-world game filled with cute and adorable things? Would they create a space simulator, or a fantasy MMO, reigned over by an evil overlord? No matter what your kids are likely to dream up, it’s almost a guarantee that the alpha will be riddled with bugs. That’s okay, though, because like everything else in their lives, we’ll be here to clean up the code and send them back out to dream bigger than we did when we were their age.

This adorable computer reminds me of the stray, used machines often seen sitting on the side of the road or in a thrift shop, just waiting for you to get excited at the prospect of messing with the hardware (even though you know they hold potential corruptive disasters). This little guy waits patiently for potential friends, hoping that someone who comes across him with give him the cuddly hug he desires. Perhaps that person is your kid? I would hope so, because this shirt is cute as all get out, and any techie-loving kid would look great in it.


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