Free Comic Book Day: A Focus On Kids

Free Comic Book Day, a traditional event held on the first Saturday of May since 2002, was established to introduce everyone to the joys of reading comics while giving readers of all ages the chance to find some new titles.

If you plan on attending, it might behoove you to call and confirm that your local store is participating and will be handing out free comics. Some stores allow for comic book free-for-alls, which means if you aren’t there when the shop opens, you may miss out on titles. Others have limited numbers of comics per customer, which means knowing what you want can be important. Some shops even allow customers to reserve a few titles, which is a godsend to parents who need to balance Free Comic Book day with normal Saturday errands.

If you don’t know where to look for all-ages titles, some helpful recommendations and a full list of all-ages titles for this year are listed below.


KaBOOM Summer Blast!

KaBOOM has been producing some of the best comics, period, with their multiple Adventure Time series. And it looks like this year you’ll be getting a preview of not only Adventure Time, but also the new Regular Show comic, along with some newspaper favorites: Garfield and the Peanuts gang. The book should have something for everyone in its 48 pages, and it may be a good guide to finding something new to enjoy with your kids.


Atomic Robo and Friends

Brian Clevinger’s science-loving, monster-fighting Atomic Robo has been a smash hit for the FCBD crowd since its inception by offering full stories that are more concerned with entertaining you than sucking you into a big summer comic event. While the humor might be a bit more on the TV-7 side of things, it is sure to enchant readers of all ages.


Avengers Assemble/Hulk Agents of SMASH and DC Nation Super Sampler

DC and Marvel like to keep their Free Comic Book Day titles under tight wraps to not spoil the secrecy which can be frustrating when trying to give recommendations. But with the legacy of Marvel’s recent cartoon successes, and DC’s equally strong reputation, this will be the first chance to check out the new slate of summer cartoons from both of the Big 2 – in comic form!


Molly Danger and Princeless

Two stories in one – and featuring young female heroes as leads? What more could you ask for? Well, if you also want the stories to be good, then your wish is granted in spades. Action Lab’s leading ladies of the comic industry each get their own story this year in the Action Lab Free Comic Book Day title. If you haven’t checked out Molly Danger or Princeless, these serve as a great introduction.

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Chakra the Invincible

While some of Stan Lee’s work in the past few years has been fairly skippable, Chakra seems to have promise. The previews for the book look simple and light on dialogue, which can be good for all ages. It has my interest to say the least, because Stan Lee writing a young Indian superhero is something I never expected to see.


The all-ages comics available on Free Comic Book day:


Ugly Doll

Kaboom Summer Blast

Sesame Street/Strawberry Shortcake



TMNT New Animated Adventures

World of Archie

Action Time Buddies

Atomic Robo and Friends

Capstone Presents Mr Puzzle

Disney Fairies

Endangered Weapon

Molly Danger/Princeless

Mouse Guard/Rust

NFL Rush Zone

Pippi Longstocking

Rated Free For Everyone

Scratch 9

Sonic the Hedgehog

Chakra the Invincible


The Tick

Top Shelf Kids Club


For a complete list of comic shops celebrating Free Comic Book Day, click here.


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