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French ABC Blocks

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So your child’s a freaking genius? Stretch that growing brain even further with Uncle Goose’s French ABC Blocks.

Regular wooden blocks? Please. These bilingual blocks are the play toys of the future and will help your little one’s growing vocabulary reach as high as La Tour Eiffel. Don’t worry about your tot forgetting their native language, though—this set of 32 embossed blocks comes in both English and French alphabets, numerals and cute animal pictures. They’re also made from non-toxic and child-safe inks, so they’re safe for that drooling mouth, but we don’t recommend a meal of them, if you catch our drift.

They’re made right here in the USA and each block is crafted from sustainable Michigan basswood (those cool climbing trees!), so there’s no guilt in buying them. Also, did we mention they’re handcrafted? Quite impressive, if we do say so ourselves.

Just a word of warning about these blocks. Your child’s français comprehension may overtake your own, so be prepared to touch up on that long-forgotten high school French, so you and your language skills aren’t left behind in the dust! Today they’re playing with wooden blocks, tomorrow they’ll be reciting passages from Sartre’s L’étre et le néant. Kind of.

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