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Fruit Ninja Pineapple Plush

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Samurai spend their lives dedicated to incredibly difficult and disciplined training. Mastering the art of the blade is not an easy task. After one spends a lifetime learning to perfect sword techniques that could slay an army of lesser men, what does one do with that power? Slice fruit, of course!

Based on the wildly popular, top-selling iOS game, Fruit Ninja, this incredibly soft, not really juicy pineapple plush is one of the many varieties of fruit that gets sliced up over the course of any round. The life of the pineapple in Fruit Ninja is a harsh one, being thrown repeatedly from both sides of the screen, only to get cut in half by a samurai who couldn’t get a job as anything but a poor fruit vendor. This particular pineapple doesn’t seem to mind at all. He’s donned the trademark bandanna, and has a huge smile on his face, as if in rebellion against becoming part of a fruit cocktail. This adorable, cuddly 5” plush also makes sounds when your kid squeezes it, recreating the splat sounds from the game.

If your kid is a fan of the game, or if you’re just looking to get some more fruit in your child’s plush toy diet, then call on the Fruit Ninja Pineapple.

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