Things Nerdy Parents Can Enjoy With Kids This Fall

This guest post was written by Jasmin Mo of Geeks Unleashed.

If you’re anything like me, you tend to buy things for other folks that you, yourself, would also enjoy. Selfish? Of course not: You’re simply sharing your interests with those you care about. Here are a few things for kids and teens this Fall that you, too, may very well enjoy.



The holidays are fast approaching. Not to rush out and buy things; I just mean kids will soon be on holiday break. What better way to keep your little ones busy than with edutainment?

Explorabox is a non-profit organization that aims to put science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) at your children’s fingertips. They offer “hands-on kits” in five subject areas; small things, chemistry, magnetism, nutrition, and electricity. Each kit can be yours for a $25 (tax deductible) donation, and they come with equipment, instructions, and the list of household items that may be required.

Whether you’re looking for science experiment ideas or just something nerdy and fun to do with your kids, Explorabox has you covered. According to their website, they follow USA curriculum standards for kids in 4th – 5th grade.



Who doesn’t love word association games? Even better are word association games based on movies. Schmovie, from Galactic Sneeze, was just released this fall. What was originally a Facebook game, Schmovie now comes in box form so you can play along at home.

Think “Apples-to-Apples” (or a less adult version of “Cards Against Humanity”) mixed with “Scene It” plus a little imagination, and you’ve got laughs for hours. What would you call a sci-fi movie about a hypochondriac duck? “You Can’t Duck This?” With 170 different cards and a multi-genre die, the possibilities are endless.

Now available on Amazon, this is definitely worth considering for your next game night.

Ephemerid – If you’re looking for a different kind of iPad app, here’s one for you. Ephemerid is “a musical adventure game about insects, bugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.” Beautiful, colorful graphics can help your child with hand-eye coordination while the non-violent nature allows them to “help a simple Mayfly find its destiny.”

The first, large scale, release from indie game maker, SuperChop Games, Ephemerid is set for a fall 2013 release. SuperChop aims to provide fun in a worthwhile and interesting manner. Check out the gameplay trailer and keep an eye out.

Halloween ComicFest

Halloween Comic Fest

Brought to you by the folks over at Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), Halloween ComicFest is yet another opportunity for you and your kids to discover new comics.

Visit their website to see which comics are available for free and type in your zip code to find a participating shop near you. Having attended FCBD for the past five years, each year I meet new people, win awesome prizes, and add a few new comics to my pull list. This year, I saw more kids than in the four previous years combined, and even picked up two all-ages comics for myself (Princeless from ActionLab and Rust from Archaia Entertainment).

It’s a fun way to cosplay and try things you wouldn’t normally pick up otherwise. Over the years, I’ve collected pictures with Green Arrow, Stormtroopers, War Machine, Hawkeye, Hulk, and even a Jurassic Park Jeep! It’s a great opportunity for all ages to get out to their local comic shops and have a little fun.

Movies – We can’t leave out our fall blockbusters! Whether you’ve got kids, tweens, or teens, there’s a movie this fall for everyone.

For you and your young ones, Free Birds hits US theaters Nov 1st. With a voice cast featuring Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Amy Poehler, George Takei, Keith David and more, this tale of time traveling turkeys will definitely give you all something to talk about over Thanksgiving dinner. Their website even has coloring pages and word search puzzles available for download.

Honorable mention for little ones, Walking With Dinosaurs, out Dec 20th. If you have kids, they may not have seen the spectacle that was Jurassic Park, and here’s a dino tale that is sure to entertain.

For your big kids (and let’s be honest, you too), equally anticipated on Nov 8th is Thor: The Dark World, though not for the reasons you’d think. Plagued with re-writes and re-shoots, seeing this should be an adventure about whether or not it will live up to the hype.

If your kids are ready for heavier topics, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Nov 22nd) and Ender’s Game (Nov 1st) are options that can provide conversation starters. Here’s a good question, why do activities about children killing other people get to be called games?

Movies, games, apps, science experiment kits, and comics; wherever your (and your kids’) interests lie, there’s something this fall for everyone.


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