Fun for the Foxes in Your Furry Clan


Forget the dog days of summer. These are the days for cunning and clever foxes. You might consider yourself a Red fox — no, not Redd Foxx — which are known for being adorable with a bit of a naughty streak. Not unlike most of our children. The less complimentary reference here might be the old saw “crazy like a fox.” Your child might be a quick witted gray fox or the rare black fox. Whatever their personalities, there is something out there to suit them.

Like this pair of wooden fox earrings from etsy seller bRainbowshop.


These simple studs are perfect for your cute-but-cunning fox, if her ears are pieced, of course. Laser cut and hand constructed, these earrings are the kind of thing the kid will wear long after she passes the “cutesy” stage. Heck, mom might even try them on from time to time.

If you wanna get the kids together for a night of indie film, one fox movie immediately springs to mind: The Fantastic Mr. Fox, directed by Wes Anderson.

An adorable look at family life through the foxhole, Fantastic gets everyone talking, since each member of the clan can relate to someone on  the screen. (Note that I said this film is enjoyable. Do not pick the fox-centric film The Fox and the Hound, unless you want your family to cry themselves to sleep.)

When the tiny foxes are finally ready to lie down and snuggle, this loveable fox in a hat, from Dwell Studio, makes a perfect bedtime companion.


This plush fox comes dressed for fall, and might turn your mind to cooler weather at the end of the summer. Nothing wrong with planning ahead, right? Also, consider picking up a foxy little cardigan from Little Lark for the back-to-school wardrobe or for those cool summer nights spent outdoors.


And if you really wanna go full-nerd, there is a StarFox community out there, dedicated to keeping you abreast of all the happenings in the StarFox gaming universe. StarFox online is geared toward all those fans of the old Nintendo game, and follows all new developments in StarFox world.


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