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Funko’s Ozzy Osbourne Figure

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The “New Wave of Heavy Metal” hitters that infiltrated the musical world in the 1970’s were the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of letting loose the sounds of the British Metal scene. Like some exotic, wild animal in a small town zoo that had no right being there in the first place, It just couldn’t be contained any longer and had to be freed. Bands such as Judas Priest and their leather-savvy brashness, Motorhead’s gritty, whiskey-fueled anthems and Iron Maiden’s operatic approach to fantasy Metal began the overly-diversified genre, with Black Sabbath sitting at the top of the pile as it’s overlords.

Ozzy Osbourne, the original face and voice of Black Sabbath, (and up until the past decade, the leading example as to why saying “no” is really the best answer to excess), is now available in vinyl figure form for all Metal babes ages 3 and up. The window display packaging and movable head is a crazy train of rockin’ proportions that may ignite your mini headbangers’ desire to bark at the moon and listen to “War” Pigs simultaneously. As one of many Rock N’ Roll collectible figurines, this vinyl Ozzy figure caters to lil’ Metal fans and big Metal fans who prefer their music with the authenticity of the 70’s, the craziness of Ozzy in the 80’s, and minus the whatever-he-became in the 90’s and thereafter. That was just weird. Metal pioneers should never be successful reality tv stars. Never.

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