Future Feminists Unite: “Another Feminist for Time Travel” Kids Shirt


This may seem an odd coupling – time travel and feminism. Especially considering one of the leading exponents in time travel thought experimentation was such a dick to the mother of his children (who, incidentally, was a woman). Albert Einstein, probably the most brilliant man of his time, if not freaking ever, was a horrible husband to his wife, Mileva, and just as horrible a father to their children. But Einstein’s life was filled with these contradictions. He was a pacifist whose theories were at the core of the creation of the atom bomb. He was a hermit who reveled in his fame. And his fast-and-loose use of the word “god” (as in “god does not play dice”) has been used time and again in arguments for religion in science. Can he be forgiven for his inability to care for his family while working for the betterment of humanity?

That may be too heady a subject for a geeky parent like me, but what does appeal to me are the implications of a simple shirt like this. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity pivots on the contention that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. If a particle, object or, ahem, person could somehow travel faster than light, then it is reasonable to assume that it (or she) could travel through time. There are other theories too, many of which incorporate Einstein’s ideas, including wormholes, multi-dimensional universes and wrinkles in time. It’s all speculative, unprovable and totally mind-blowing. Also mind-blowing is the idea that, after millennia of evolution, and some couple-hundred-thousand years of a developing collective intellect, that women still have to fight for common liberties.The recent dust-up over women in the military is a perfect example.

Still, I am looking forward to the day that a woman jumps into the NFL and kicks the donkey poop out of some knuckle-dragging linebacker. It will happen, just not today. And that’s the point: We still have to look forward in hopes that this will happen. As in, the future. I would love for my little girl to grow up in a world where she doesn’t have to wear a T-shirt like this to get that point across. You know, a place where if she wants to take on Kobe Bryant in the NBA, if she wants to fight for our freedom on the front lines in some war-torn hellhole, if she wants to speak her mind, she can do so without some Neanderthal telling her, “It’s just not a woman’s place.” Till then, this T-shirt, and maybe a few picket signs, and possibly a run for office, will help my little one make her voice heard.

The “Another Feminist for Time Travel” T-shirt is available at Ex-Boyfriend.

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