“Fuzzy Heroes”: War Games for Stuffed Animals


Fuzzy Heroes is a miniature war game rule set that allows you and your kids to do battle with little more than the stuffed animals and action figures in the kids’ toy collection. It’s a unique bridge between highly formalized tabletop war games and the natural, imaginative play of children. It’s also a fun, inexpensive introduction to the world of war-gaming that is sure to capture your children’s imaginations.

Miniature war-gaming presents a fun, challenging gaming experience that is hard to replicate. Sure, board games and video games can offer the same depth, the same interaction with friends or the same challenge, but all fail to perfectly replicate the look and feel of a gaming table swarmed over by you and your opponents’ armies. No other type of game truly captures the thrill of watching a battle unfold in a real, three-dimensional space.


Ready for war

If you’re an avid war-gamer, you’ll probably want to introduce your kids to the game as soon as they’re old enough to roll dice. Unfortunately, most miniatures games involve small, intricate models that take considerable time to collect, assemble and paint. This not only makes the games unsuitable for younger kids, but also gets very expensive very quickly. And this is where Fuzzy Heroes shines. Break out the rules book, explain them to your kids, collect up a few of their toys, and you’re ready to go!

Bonus: It might actually get those little punks to clean up some of the stuffed animals scattered all over the bedroom.

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