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Galaxy Hooded Towel

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Space isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a warm embrace after a bath, but if you’re looking for something to wrap up your little one with, it’s tough to beat infinity. Forget the fact that space is a cold vacuum for a moment; with this product, we’re focused on the endless possibilities, the big dreams, and the wonder of the universe that fascinates every kid (at least in this galaxy). Space may be freezing, but this hooded towel is the perfect warmer for your little space-lover after they are squeaky clean.

The Galaxy Dove hooded towel is lined with soft cotton for extra comfort, with white terry, and measures 43”x28”. It’s the right size to fit infants, but is also large enough to help dry off your school-agers as well. The hood is an excellent additional touch, making sure that your loved one’s head stays dry after getting out of the tub. Imagine how cute they’ll look when you wrap them up in this towel with the hood on; they only thing that will be peeking out from under this grey night sky is their adorable smiling face.

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