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Game Changer For iPad

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Disclaimer: You’ll need an iPad to use the Game Changer.

Caveat: We’re all nerds here – you probably already have one.

The Game Changer is an interesting component: plug your iPad into the folding game board, and then lay the supplemental game maps over the pad to expand its interactive touch surface. As play pieces move around and make contact with the board, the display on the iPad changes, reacting according to what’s being done at the time.

More than just an a/v video game component, the Game Changer application interface interacts with the iPad in such a way that no two games ever play out quite the same way. The Game Changer seems set to reinvigorate family game night – we’ve moved well past the era in which the Pop-o-matic bubble was the hottest thing in interactive gaming!

The Game Changer comes with two games right out of the box: Animal Mania and The Magic Schoolbus. At present, additional games are not available, but given the acclaim this product received at the Consumer Electronics Show and Creative Child Magazine, more releases seem inevitable. The Game Changer is rated suitable for children aged 6-15, so it’s easy to introduce them early, and to keep them playing for quite some time.

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