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Game Labyrinth

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Children are delightfully gullible. And, it’s ok, you can admit it – you get a certain joy out of playing pranks on them – we all do. It’s likely because kids wear their hearts on their sleeves and it’s so easy to see them get visibly frustrated. Call it schadenfreude. For those of you who want to take your pranking to the next level, some nerdy sadists have whipped together this ingenious little device.

Step one: Get your child excited about an upcoming game. Like, really, really excited.

Step two: Promise them you’ll buy it if they get good grades. (You were going to buy it for yourself anyways, but hey, why not promote good academia?)

Step three: Purchase the game of choice and slip it into this vault.

Step four: ???

Step Five: Profit!

When you give your kid the game they’ll be bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm… until they realize that in order to actually reach it they have to guide a metal marble through a massive, difficult labyrinth. If the marble reaches the end, the case unlocks, and they get their game. Even if they complete the maze in record time, every second will seem like an eternity, anticipation slowing time down to a crawl. Devilish. Evil. Fun!


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