A Game of Thrones Nursery is Coming


You may not think that a show full of all of the things Game of Thrones is full of would be ripe for the picking in terms of nursery design ideas, but we’re determined. You may not want to use the Rains of Castamere as a lullaby, but a true fan wouldn’t let a little red wedding stop them from sharing their love for all things GoT with their cubs. Whether you approach your Westeros nursery with subtley and fill it with lions, dragons and wolves or you go all in and fill the walls with swords and sigil-bearing shields, a Game of Thrones nursery can be as adorable and snuggly (and full of honor) as your brand new family.

The base of all awesomely themed nurseries is the crib. You gotta start with the right tone, and House Greyjoy would have a few things to say about that. What better to get baby ready for the iron throne than an iron crib? Restoration Harware is an awesome place to start scoping out solid, stately iron baby beds.


The next most prominent feature of the baby’s room (and arguably the most fun to decorate) is the walls. If you’re feeling ambitious, I’m sure you can’t wait to grab a few paintbrushes. But if you’d rather just use an awesome decal to get your point across, head to Etsy and search around for big, stylish wall stickers like this King’s Landing cityscape.


To encourage an early love of books and pay homage to your favorite epic series, grab a print like this one from Etsy seller littleatae.


Of course, an impressive nursery is all about the details. Blankets and other snuggly things can add a bit of baby softness to the hard Westeros winter. A beautiful quilt like the one from Etsy seller chaasBaby will remain an heirloom long after your kid outgrows the nursery.


Mobiles are always an excellent way to add a centerpiece to a themed nursery. You could most certainly make your own, but Etsy seller LullabyMobiles makes really adorable ones with hand-stitched animals that represent four of the prominent houses of Westeros hanging from the crown that your baby will wear some day.


Where would the Stark kids be without their animal protectors? HBO sells plushie direwolves to help watch over little ones. They’re adorably accurate right down to Ghost’s red eyes.


Another cute companion for the bunch would be a furry, prophetic three-eyed crow to bring a few soothing green dreams to your little sleepyhead.


This stark pillow from HBO would be a great accent to toss onto the rocker to show your loyalty to The North.


Once your nursery is all decked out, celebrate by sharing a wholesome, family bedtime story with “George R. R. Martin” (or a really good impression of him) on YouTube:

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