5 Tips for Using Tablets With Kids

We live in an exciting time. I mean, I guess you could say that about any time ever. But really, now is a really neat time to be a kid. Technology is growing at a rapid pace, and our children will be the beneficiaries of a native technological literacy that we could only dream of. […]

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Is ‘Diablo III’ Family-Friendly?

My husband sets his alarm two hours early every day. Is it so he can see the sunrise? No, although it is early enough to catch the first morning light. Is it to go for a jog? Nope. He sets his alarm early so he can play Diablo III before he has to go out […]

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Tabletop Intrigue With ‘Spy Alley’

If ‘Guess Who’ and ‘Monopoly’ had a baby that grew up to be a spy working for the CIA, it would be ‘Spy Alley.’ In this board game from Spy Alley Partners, LLP, players are assigned one of six spy identities and are then challenged to collect all of their spy gear and get to […]

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5 Mother’s Day Gifts For Nerdy Moms

PSA: Mother’s day is May 11th. That’s in like two weeks! But don’t panic, we had to do our shopping too, so we thought we’d spare you a little of the legwork and show off the awesomely nerdy stuff we found. Thanks for bringing us kicking and screaming into the world, Mommies! We love you! […]

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Put an Eyepatch on It

I think it’s time to explore all the reasons one might have to wear an eyepatch. While I don’t want to undermine the severity of any injury or condition that might necessitate one, we all must face facts: there’s little out there that communicates badassery better than the accessory of rogues everywhere. Let’s start with […]

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Shadowboxin’ Baby: Displaying Nerdy Collections

I’d really love to tell you that making a shadowbox that will impress and inspire is a quick and easy ordeal. Unfortunately, my first foray into shadowbox-making wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. As with most craft projects worth doing, it didn’t come easy. But don’t worry, there’s a shadowbox for every collection and skill level. […]

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The Honest Truth About Breastfeeding

My two and half week old son feeds, on average, every couple hours. My wife exclusively breastfeeds and her sessions can last up to an hour. Does this sound familiar? It wouldn’t have to us, because all those wonderful all-natural websites and our classes failed to mention the cons of breastfeeding. Matter a fact, the […]


Cuddle Up With These Fresh, Nerdy Throw Pillows

Ahhh, spring. We’re more than a week into the freshest and greenest season of the year, but with the kind of weather we’ve been having all some of us can really do is try and remember spring from last year. The other day, I thought I kinda saw some grass poking through the dirty snow, […]

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What Your Mug Cupboard Says About Your Family

Aside from a fridge, the mug cupboard is arguably the most important spot in the kitchen. Are your mugs perched precariously on top of each other, or are they in neat rows with the handles all facing the same way? If your mugs hang from hooks, don’t worry, that still counts. You can tell a […]

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