5 Great Nerdy Ways to Recycle Old TShirts

Around here, we write about a lot of tshirts and onesies. And why shouldn’t we? They’re an adorable (or sassy) way to display some personality, they’re the perfect size and price for gifting, and they’re easy to toss on in a hurry. The right shirt is hilarious, practical, and tells the world exactly what you’re […]

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A Review of The Adventurers: Pyramid Of Horus

There are several epic movies you must show your children as they wade through the various stages of adolescence. The original Star Wars Trilogy, Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones. For many of us over thirty years old, our childhood was framed by a man who lived and breathed adventure. From escaping a giant […]

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How to Tell if Your Baby is Secretly a Gnome

Did you know that 1 in 25 babies is actually a gnome in disguise?* Think about it. Little? Grumpy? Full of mischief? Sound like anyone you know? It may be difficult to distinguish babies from gnomes, but we’re here to help. We’ve come up with 4 ways to tell if your offspring is a diminutive […]

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Exclusive Kids’ Merchandise from the BlizzCon Online Sale

Every year, Blizzard Entertainment hosts an outrageously popular convention to celebrate and highlight its products and shake hands with its rabid, fiercely loyal fanbase. Actually, that’s not true. Make that almost every year. For some reason, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that Mists of Pandaria was about to pull World of Warcraft back […]

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Goth Out Your Kid With The Latest In Horror Apparel

Halloween is a 365 day celebration in our home. You know the cliche, Everyday is Halloween. My wife and I are huge horror film fans and with a little one on the way, we need to prepare an appropriate wardrobe that expresses what we’re passionate about. Finding quality goth, horror and Halloween themed onesies and […]

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The 10 Best Kids’ Video Games of 2013

  I realize that when it comes to 2013 video game releases, the best may be yet to come. But even if you leave out the next gen console releases, it’s been the one of the best years in recent memory for game releases. If you thought the soon-to-be obsolete consoles were already dead, definitely […]

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7 Items for a Marvel Comics Nursery

Much to the dismay of DC enthusiasts, it seems we’re going to be seeing a lot from the Avengers in the near future. What’s not to love? Most of the movies are amazing (sorry Thor), the super awesome LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game just came out (not to mention the Marvel Heroes MMO), and Ben […]

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5 Great New Board Games to Try With Your Kids

When I was a kid, my family had the “big four” in our coat closet: Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue and Life. Later, someone added Risk. Family game nights weren’t exactly a weekly thing, but I still gloat to my dad about the one time I beat him in Monopoly, and hold the memory of our brood […]

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7 Nerdy Dog Accessories for Your Canine Children

Yes, this is Nerdy With Children. But for many of you, where there are kids, there are dogs. Or, hey, maybe your dog is your kid. We don’t judge. We do, however, find some pretty nerd-tastic stuff for kids of all levels of hairiness. Here are a few of our favorite nerdy dog accessories. Holy […]

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6 Awesomely Nerdy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Buying your own Halloween costumes these days is quite the racket. $40 for a cheap piece of rayon your kids will only use for one night? Even if you have smaller kids coming down the pipeline that may use the costumes one day, that’s still a hefty price to pay considering the prices for normal […]

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