5 Great Apps for Kids Ages 2-4

Whether or not you should hand your device over to your young child remains a controversial topic, but it really doesn’t need to be. With a little bit of forethought, your phone or tablet can become a great learning station for little ones. App developers are beginning to tap into the kids demographic, which is […]

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Introducing Your Kids to Fraggle Rock

Can you believe Fraggle Rock is turning 30 this year? If you aren’t privy to this wonderful little piece of 80s TV canon, it’s a Jim Henson production much like Sesame Street or the Muppet Show, but these Muppets live in caves underneith a tinker’s shop. The worlds of the humans and Muppets remain seperate […]

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Kid-Friendly Playstation 4 and Xbox One Launch Titles

Nearly all the punches have been thrown, and we’re entering the final rounds of the next-gen console war. Sony and Microsoft know that for those who are still on the fence, the games that will be available for kids to unwrap at Christmas or to play on launch day may tip the scales. It’s been […]

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5 Teacher-Recommended Study Tips for Kids and Parents

Yay, fall! It’s time for rainboots and fresh, clean sheets of lined paper. As a kid, I liked the first day of school almost as much as the first day of summer. Even now when I have no reason to be there, if I have time to kill I always find myself perusing the back-to-school […]


Little Bird: A Retro Kids’ Clothing Line by Jools Oliver

This past month, Jools Oliver (wife of celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver) unveiled her second collection for the Little Bird line, and it’s unabashedly and deliciously 70s-rific. The collection will be sold exclusively though Mothercare.com. Clashing prints and playful color combos make it feel updated, but there’s no doubt about the nostalgia button this line is […]

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Head Back to School with Nerdy Hoodies

One of my favorite things about fall is pulling on a warm hoodie, getting all snuggly and hiding my hands in the pouch. Hoodies always have your back whether it’s the last camping trip to the first day of school. You might think that a readily available hat and gloves is enough to make hoodies […]

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