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Gears Beginner’s Building Set

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Ah, Steampunk. One of the shining pillars of nerdiness. The Steampunk setting harkens back to a time when everything that was made was made well, when it took actual craftsmanship to create something, and how those things were predominantly made up of gears. Most commonly associated with clockworks, gears are intricate, important parts to many machines in the Steampunk setting; but gears are also still used today by countless other machines. Contraptions that are built with gears are always more interesting than normal machines, because every part interconnects in a specific, fascinating way.

Let your child bring the magic of gears to life, with the Gears Gears Gears Beginner’s Building Set! This 95-piece set includes tons of colorful gears and cogs of various shapes and sizes; as well as connectors, pillars, and cranks that let your child build the ultimate machine in any direction! Your kids can connect gears upwards and outwards in near-infinite combinations, then use cranks to watch the entire machine spring into action. Each machine your nerdling builds with this set is like a new invention, and the pieces can be easily disassembled, allowing for a different machine every time. What exciting contraptions will your little machinist invent?

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