Geeky Baby Shower Games

Your baby shower should be something you love. Here are some ideas for making a perfect celebration.

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Baby showers are a bit like weddings in that you are the center of attention, you are emotional, and everyone around you has an expectation of how the party will unfold. You will eat some snacks. There will be presents, then cake. Finally, games will be played.

Before planning any geeky baby shower games let’s make sure you have answers to the following questions.

  1. You’ve asked the mother-to-be to name her favorite show/comic/game/book/anime anything that will help you plan a theme.
  2. You’ve tripled check to make sure you’re considerate of all gender types that are attending. Baby showers are no longer just for cis-females. Plan accordingly.
  3. You’ve thought long and hard about the perfect baby shower gift.
  4. All the attendees are aware of the theme for the shower. Make sure they can prepare and at least have some knowledge of the theme if it is obscure.

The most common baby shower games are baby bingo, and baby food tasting. Baby bingo can be fun when everyone fills out her own card with names of baby supplies, and as the hostess unwraps her presents, people get to yell out, “Nipple guards! Bingo!” I do not recommend baby food tasting. Baby food tastes gross and has an unappealing texture that lies somewhere between slimy and squishy. Turkey and squash should not be a paste.

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So, now that I am done complaining, what suggestions do I have for more nerdy, less visceral baby shower games? I have games that involve worksheets! (I am a teacher, so my natural instinct when someone says they want to plan a fun activity is to create a worksheet to go along with it.) In the first game, you find baby pictures of celebrities you like. At the top of the page, list the names of the celebrities. Under the names, put the pictures in random order. Your guests get in teams of two and match the celebrity to the baby picture.

For those of you that are super nerdy, trying printing out species of babies and having all the attendies guess the who the baby is. This is good for sci-fi and fantasy type themes.

If you’re planning a comic book theme like Marvel, try coming up with budding superpowers that will evolve as the baby grows into an adult. You could even try making little riddles like this, “This baby has a bad habit of ripping his crib sheet to shreds when it throws a temper tantrum. The answer you would be looking for is Wolverine.

Another game is a quiz game. Everyone loves pub quizzes, so this is in that vein. The following are example questions that you can change or add to according to the interests of your friends and family. Since you know the answers, you get to be the MC. This means you can get a break from everyone’s attention, and eat a few more servings of cake.


  1. What was the name of Worf’s son on Star Trek: The Next Generation?
  2. Dr. Sears is a proponent of this type of parenting, which advocates co-sleeping and nursing children until they are five years old.
  3. What is the name that Nicholas Cage gave his son? Hint: it is Superman’s birth name.
  4. This celebrity had four children, whose names were: Dweezil, Ahmet Emuukha Rodan, Moon Unit, and Diva Muffin.
  5. Bunnies are often used as an example of animals that reproduce quickly. The number of bunnies spawned by a reproductive pair is often used to illustrate this mathematical sequence.
  6. Message boards are a great way for parents to communicate with each other and post questions and comments. On many online message boards, husbands are referred to as DH, daughters as DD, and sons as DS. What does the D stand for?
  7. What is the name of the hormone that women produce after childbirth and when breastfeeding that causes a sense of euphoria?
  8. Define these words: fundus, vernix, lanugo.
  9. A woman in 17th century Russia holds the record for giving birth to the most children. How many did she have?
  10. Which celebrity named his daughter Moxie CrimeFighter?


  1. Alexander
  2. Attachment Parenting
  3. Ka-el
  4. Frank Zappa
  5. Fibonacci sequence
  6. Darling
  7. Oxytocin
  8. The part of the uterus where contractions start; a waxy coating on new babies; fine hair that grows on new babies
  9. 69. All were multiple births, and all survived to adulthood. (She had 27 pregnancies total.)
  10. Penn Jillette

Another one we found is has to do with listing the children of famous fictional parents. Here’s a sheet that you can print out for your guests.

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If you want your guests to get creative, you can play the alphabet book game. Give every guest a letter (or two letters, if you have fewer than 26 guests), and then give them a piece of paper. They must draw their letter and anything that begins with that letter that they would like. You could have, for example, Xylum, Xenophanes, and Xbox, should you be given X. Collect all the drawings and staple them together to create a baby book.

Those games should keep people occupied for a good half hour. However, if you find that an awkward silence falls, and you feel compelled to fill it, you can always ask people what parenting apps are best. People will immediately pull out their phones for app comparison time, and the party will feel much more like our modern-day natural socializing.

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