Geeky Crayons Get the Creative Juices Flowing


When I was a kid, I used to hate using a new crayon. Soon enough, that crayon will be a peeled paper-wrapped little stub and its perfect point will only be a memory. That’s why if it were me, all of these fantastic crayons would stay just how they are. Thankfully, your kids probably don’t share my compulsion for crayon preservation, and will have a bucket of fun playing with these while they color with them.

These crayons go beyond the Crayola to become great gifts for the geekiest of artists. Whatever your kids are into, someone on Etsy has probably made a bunch of recycled crayons of it. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Dino Crayons

“Rawr” means blue in dinosaur. Or is it green? Doesn’t matter, these crayons rule. These dino crayons by  Etsy seller Ivy Lane Designs are recycled, eco-friendly, and come in their own little paper compartments.


LEGO Minifig and Brick Crayons

I haven’t colored in awhile, but these ones are actually making me wonder if I could get away with it at my age. (The answer to that is always yes, by the way.) Any minifig collector shouldn’t be coloring with anything else.


The LEGO-inspired brick crayons are just as fun. They may even be more so if your kid does a lot of things at once, like building a little LEGO house while they color.

Crayon Rocks


These crayon rocks are recommended to parents of kids three and up to help improve their fine motor skills. The shape forces kids’ fingers to control the rocks as they color, improving their coordination. Plus, they look like rocks and come in a cool little bag. Seems pretty magical to me.

Science Crayons

In 2050 when your kid walks up to accept her Pulitzer Prize for some amazing scientific discovery, she’ll owe it all to you. “If it weren’t for the science crayons my parents bought me when I was five, I wouldn’t be here right now,” she’ll say.


Han Solo in Carbonite

Perhaps the most iconic moment in all of Star Wars history besides the big spoiler Darth Daddy reveal is the moment Han Solo becomes frozen in carbonite. “I love you,” she says. “I know,” he says. What a badass.


Now that moment is captured in wax. Can Han escape before your kids use all the green on that tree?

Etsy seller Extramoneyformommy also makes some sweet R2D2 crayons, among other geeky things.

Crayon Carrier


Now that your kids have all of these nifty thrifty crayon shapes, how do you suppose their old crayons are feeling? Jealous and neglected, that’s how. Tuck them in neatly with this handmade video game themed crayon carrier from Etsy seller KazeeKids.

Carved Tardis


Unlike the others on the list, you’re probably not going to want to color with these guys. Etsy shop CarvedCrayons sells all kinds of geeky miniature wax carvings like the Game of Thrones sigils and all of the iconic Star Wars characters. Of course, he couldn’t skip making a tiny crayon Tardis. If there’s some colorful geekery that he doesn’t already offer, he even takes requests.

Header image Star Wars Crayons carved by Steve Thompson

Think you could tackle recycling colors yourself? Grab a geeky ice cube or chocolate mold from the craft store (or even from the dollar store) and make your own great crayons:

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