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In this technological world it isn’t easy to coerce your kids to go outside and play. Considering there aren’t any video games or internet outside, it’s pretty much deemed useless to anyone under the age of 15. It’s almost as if you have to pay them to step outside, and even THAT is a big to-do. The old-timey days when climbing a tree or building a fort outside was all a youngin did after school (and had no idea what WOW was, or how addictive it could be when combined with Mountain Dew) are gone. However, the outdoors can now make a comeback with your little rockers, thanks to skulls and guitars.

To beat the lazy gene creeping into our nations children, we suggest the Geopalz Skull and Guitar Pedometer. It tracks the progress of your child’s moderate to vigorous activity patterns, while looking super-cool. So cool, in fact, they’ll probably catch the stares of other people who aren’t as awesome, but who really wish they were. The Geopalz Skull and Guitar Pedometer 2.0 offers even more features than the last few editions. This all-new, Accelerator Geopalz — now designed for the shoe and the hip — is designed so kids earn points for their steps/activity each day, which are redeemable for points for prizes or time in the Geopalz online arcade. It has a storage capacity of 21 days, and is water resistant (to track all those puddle jumps).

What a great idea, right?! Enticing your child to walk has never been easier because everything is better with prizes and incentives. That kind of stuff REALLY makes one move.

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