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Ghost Hunt Shooting Game

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If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Nope, no need for the Ghostbusters this time! Have your kids take the eradication of spooky spirits in their own hands with this Ghost Hunt set from Firebox. Ghostly vigilantism has never been more fun!

The set comes with Billy Bones, a 19 cm skeleton who projects the sprites onto the walls with his giant infrared eye, and an infrared gun that would intimidate any supernatural being. The game comes in easy, medium, and hard, so your little one can tune those ghost-zapping skills to an art. The gun keeps track of the ghosts you shoot, just in case there was any friendly competition going on. Billy will even scream for joy if you score a direct hit (he doesn’t like those ghosts, either).

It’s a great game for Halloween, or sleepovers, or rainy days. Add some kid-friendly ghost stories and a hot mug of cocoa, and you’ve got yourself a great night with the kiddos. When they’re done playing ghost hunter with Billy Bones, you can send your vigilante to bed with their laser gun, just in case any of the monsters in the closet get any ideas.

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