The ‘Ghostbusters’ Legacy Lives On


As a parent, it’s pretty important to have priorities. Around here we like to believe that you have to clothe and feed your kids, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you used to enjoy. Just because there seems to be very little time between pasta cooking, dog walking, diaper changing and PC gaming, it doesn’t mean you have to give up the important things (like Ghostbusters).

First, if you haven’t shared the Ghostbusters legacy with your kids yet, your nerd card might be in jeopardy. Think of all the lessons there is to be learned! And holy crap, Bill Murray! What’s that kid going to grow up to be like if his childhood is Murrayless? Good God, think of the children.

Once you’ve completed your Ghostbusters educational program with your child, you’re going to need a few supplies to remind them who they’re gonna call when there’s something strange in their neighborhood.

If course, you’re going to need a neon Ghostbusters logo to kick your playroom into retro awesome mode. You’ll feel just like you’re on the haunted streets of New York in the 80s.pTRU1-12980783enh-z6

Wouldn’t you feel better if you had a proton-pack available in your house, just in case? Check out these great kids’ Ghostbuster costumes.


Don’t forget that Diamond Select makes fantasticly adorable Minimates for most of the things we’re into, and of course Ghostbusters is no exception.


A Hot Wheels die cast Ecto-1? Sometimes two brands were just made to be combined.


Of course, we couldn’t leave out the Ghostbusters plushie line from Toy Factory. At last, your family can snuggle up with the huge, gooey and terrifying Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!


Speaking of Stay Puft, keep an eye out for Diamond Select’s new 24″ model of the marshmallow demon recently announced at 2013’s San Diego Comic Con.


u/thelordplatypus is the redditor who discovered what his parents did to his birthday footage in the header above. Hey, at least it wasn’t Golden Girls reruns!


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