GI Joe 50th Anniversary Giveaway



GI Joe turned 50 years old this past May. Hard to believe something that my dad knew as a teenager will still be relevant to my infant son. For me, Saturday mornings chomping down on a bowl of cereal, watching GI Joe back in the 80’s was the best life could get. I used to love all the characters and memorize each of them. The action figures were spread across the floor as Cobra plotted to take over the world for the 4,672th time. Those were the days. I remember when my parents bought me the Cobra HQ. Oh man, talk about awesome. I even mixed my Star Wars figures with my Joes for the ultimate crossover adventure. I look forward to hauling them out for my son to play with when he gets older.


It’s amazing GI Joe is still kicking all these years. The most recent cartoon, GI Joe Renegades was pretty solid and painted the Joes as fugitives. Of course we have the live-action movies as well. I found them entertaining, but seriously you guys are gonna kill Duke in the beginning of the sequel? Seriously? No argument can be made about the golden age of the real American Hero, the 1980’s. Sure, they started out as dolls in the 60’s, but come 1982 a pinnacle had been established with the first eleven figures. You had a kick ass cartoon, a bunch of articulated plastic figures and children, so high on sugar that only Willy Wonka could have warned us about. We call times like these monumental pillars. I remember riding the school bus trying to haggle my friend for his impossible-to-find Storm Shadow.

Memories like these are why we’re so excited to bring you this contest. Sponsored by the good folks at, giving away two of their t-shirts. One for adults and the other for kids.


For adults we have an awesome ode to the 80’s cartoon. “Real American Heroes”


For kids we have “Rise of The Cobra Nero Viper”

To enter all you have to do is re-tweet the following by next Wednesday June 11th. Will randomly select a winner.



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