Giant Diplodocus Museum Quality Model

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Giant Diplodocus Model Kit

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Paleontology has to be one of the coolest jobs out there that kids dream of doing when they grow up. They already love dinosaurs, usually playing with their collection of figures, having massive dinosaur fights, or attacks on the puny little human figures. Many kids are fascinated with the idea that they could find the bones of millions-of-years-old creatures, if they only just dug under the ground far enough. If your nerdling is one of those who is fascinated by prehistoric life, then they will flip over the Giant Diplodocus Horizons Model Kit.

The kit itself comes packed in a travel trunk-like package and contains all the pieces needed to assemble a large Diplodocus model, a booklet of dinosaur facts, and some ideas for games/activities. Diplodocus was among the largest of the dinosaurs, and for a long time, it was known as the longest. To simulate this, the model measures in at a staggering 58 inches long, and 11 inches high! All of its pieces are incredibly easy for the young paleontologist in your life to snap together, allowing your kids to look on in awe at the giant freestanding dino once they have put him together.

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