Giddy-up with Pony Sweater and Crazy Horse Dress for Girls


My little girl wants a pony – real bad. She’s 6, which means it’ll be another 25 to 30 years before she understands the economics of such a proposition. The price of the horse, itself, is exorbitant not to mention the annual costs of stable rental, veterinarian care and general upkeep. Trying to explain this to a child is a fruitless endeavor, and that’s being kind. Despite my lengthy discourse regarding price and responsibility, those gorgeous hazel eyes glaze over. Her dreamy response: “But I want a pony.”

Truth be told, she has hundreds of ponies. My Little Ponys litter the floor of her bedroom (and every other room in the house on a healthy play day). Little glittery ponies, big ones with saddles, purple ones with wings, boy ponies, girl ponies, baby ponies. She’s got DVDs full of ponies and horses and horse families and magic ponies and …


It must be this way with every little girl. Horses are, indeed, the ultimate symbol of freedom. Who isn’t stirred by the iconic image of a wild Mustang at full-burst running across the plains? Heck, even those freaky flying ponies and rainbow-farting unicorns embody a sense of freedom and individuality that seems to appeal to a growing little girl. But dad can’t afford a flesh-and-blood Mustang any more than he can afford a 1968 Ford Mustang. (Although, if there is ever a heavy enough cash flow in this household, there will be a debate on who gets the Mustang first.)

Till that time, we will continue to purchase not-real horses. Like the ones on these adorable garments.  This Name It cardigan has what could easily be a Mustang trotting across its midriff, dividing a mish-mash of odd designs. So incongruous are the graphic elements on this sweater that little girls could match it with anything in their well-organized closets.


And this hippie-style Molo baby dress is hipster-retro all the way. Made for the smallest of kin, no doubt this dress will stimulate some horsey recognition while the colors and crazy-collage design will hold your drool factory in rapt attention. The stitching, and solid collar and sleeve trim set the design nicely and, again, it goes with anything.


Will one of these items put the kibosh on your daughter’s hourly requests for a new pony? The answer is an emphatic “No.” But maybe someday, when she’s a software engineer for Apple, she’ll be able to afford that real live, rainbow-painted magic horsey from the clouds.


You can purchase the Name It Cardigan from Sparkle&Spin

The Molo Baby Dress is also available at Sparkle&Spin

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