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Gimme Your Brain Tee

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I’m sorry, floppy disk. I didn’t want you to die. I liked you, quite a bit, actually. We had some fun times together, with you loading remedial programs onto my archaic computer, and me completely taking advantage of all your hard work and need for space by playing said programs for hours. We may have had a bit of a one-sided relationship, floppy disk, but that doesn’t mean that you had to reanimate yourself as an undead storage format and attempt to devour all of my sensitive data. Come on, floppy disk, get away from my external drive. We can talk about this. No… wait! Floppy disk! AARRRGH! MY FILES!!

Here we have an adorable cotton tee with a message to all would-be top dogs of media storage today. Like the floppy disk, your time will come, SDHC and flash drive. And when it does, I hope you find a way to survive the transition, because otherwise, it’s undead media town, population: you. This tee comes in white and is available in three unisex sizes, so there’s one for your kid, no matter what age they are. It’s also fantastic for displaying an affection for post-apocalyptic scenarios involving anthropomorphic data management devices, and who isn’t into that?

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