5 Great Science Gifts for Kids


The gift of science may not be for everyone. Kids who don’t like to touch things, ever, should probably stay away. Kids who never ask questions about anything would probably be more into a sweater or something. And kids who are totally bored by electricity, explosions and rainbows? Forget it.

If your kid doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, they’ll probably remember their first (or second, or third) science kit forever. The most important lesson a kid can learn about science is that you don’t need a white coat and a degree to make discoveries – science is for all of us.

If, however, your kid does think that lab coats and science go hand in hand, you can pick them up a personalized lab coat from Etsy seller JessMadeItForYou.


Kids just need to find what they’re into, and the doors to the universe will open for them. What kind of activity (or destruction, in some cases) they’re inclined toward should help point you in the direction of the perfect science kit to ignite their lifelong passion.

Do you have the kind of kid who’s always taking apart electronics around the house to find out how they work? If that’s the case, you can’t lose with an electronics set like the Elenco Snap Circuits SC 3000. This award-winning toy includes directions and pieces for up to 300 different projects from building a radio to a bugler alarm. There’s also a green energy version.



Do your kids look to the sky for answers to all of life’s questions? Your little future astrophysicist may feel a little closer to the heavens with a Stomp Rocket. There’s no danger of rocket burns here; the only fuel required for a successful launch is the air created by stompy feet.


If your child is a little more down-to-earth, what could be more suitable to their interest in biology than a live caterpillar to butterfly kit? The kit includes everything kids need to grow 5 fat baby caterpillars into 5 gorgeous Painted Lady butterflies, complete with their own three-foot tall netted enclosure.


If your kids marvel at the big world of very small things right outside their doorstep, then a microscope is a natural choice. The My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope comes highly recommended by lab-coat wearing professionals with kids, and is best used when purchased with a specimen collection and maybe a few blank slides to make their own tiny worlds to look at.


Plain old gardening can be fun, especially for kids who love to play in the dirt. Know what’s even more fun? Zombie gardening.


This Zombie Plant Growing Kit from ThinkGeek comes with starter soil pellets and seeds so kids can grow their own “undead” plants that appear to come back to life after “dying”.

It just kills me that I couldn’t have this plant kit as a kid.


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