Glo-boy Solar NIghtlight

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Glo-Boy Solar Night Light

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I have a Santa Claus night light in my room. In fact it’s plugged in right now. Santa is juggling presents while casting a warm, inviting Christmasy glow around my room. This is not a result of being a Christmas procrastinator; I am not one of those people who leave the tree up until July, or have twinkle lights going all year. It’s also not a result of being five years old; I haven’t been five for quite some time. It’s a result of being a hard and fast night light advocate.

When I was a kid, as my friends were growing out of night lights, I steadfastly stayed the softly-lit course. They’re just enough illumination to read by secretly when you’re not supposed to at 10 p.m., and they make your room feel like a candlelit oasis of relaxation. In addition, as if you need another reason, I never stub my toe or run into the doorframe on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

I maintain that night lights are great no matter how old you are. The Solar Glo-Boy illustrates my point nicely. During the day, this six and a half inch guy sleeps peacefully on the nightstand. At bedtime, flip him over and he becomes the coolest night light ever. His battery is even solar charged for up to six hours of use. There’s no need to worry about keeping something plugged in all the time. I’ll admit it. The modern design of the Solar Glo-Boy Night Light is slightly classier than my Santa light (okay a lot classier). Not that Santa isn’t cool in his own right, but this Glo-Boy is pretty freaking cute.

This little guy proves that night lights are definitely not just for when you’re afraid of the dark — and if you are afraid of the dark, that’s okay. With this night light, no one has to know. People will just assume you have impeccable design sense and fantastic taste in décor, which of course, you do.

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