Glow Brick Solar

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Glow Brick Solar

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Sometimes kids can be afraid of the dark. That’s okay, most of us were there sometime in our lives as well. There’s nothing wrong with being scared of something you don’t understand. Well, the dark can be a scary place , even when you get older. Fortunately, night lights have been staving off fear of the dark for a very long time, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and types. However, not many of them are based around actual light bulbs, and lesser still are the night lights that don’t require any electrical power at all in order to function.

This Glow Brick is, in fact, such a night light. Make no mistake, it is not a paperweight, although it could certainly be used as such in a pinch. It’s primary function is to absorb light during the day, then project it in typical glow-in-the-dark fashion once the lights go out. What makes this Glow Brick the coolest night light out there, is the fact that it contains an actual light bulb. The glow it produces isn’t enough light where you can read, but it should be more than enough to assuage the fears of your kids once darkness falls, and it’s also much cooler looking than all the other lights.

If your kid needs a night light, and you’re hoping for one with a scientific feel, look no further than this techie night light Glow Brick.

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