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Glow In The Dark Moon Clock

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For little fans of stargazing, it can sometimes be disappointing not being able to see the moon on a particularly cloudy night. If your kids are fans of space, stargazing, or if they really, really just like the moon, then the Moon Clock makes a great gift for those nights when there are too many clouds.

This moon clock is not imply a mockup of a moon plastered onto a clock face. This clock face is a photographic depiction of the moon itself, so it looks as real as possible, for a clock. To add to the realism (if the craters aren’t enough), and make this product stand out in its uniqueness, the clock face has been treated, so that it projects a soft light after all the other lights go out for the night. The clock also features a glass cover for additional protection.

This is also the perfect clock for teaching the little ones to properly tell time, since there are no numbers on the clock face itself. If your kids are fairly confident in their time-telling abilities, perhaps this clock is a great way to raise their confidence. Either that, or they just want a really cool-looking moon clock for their room that none of their friends have.

I’d say it’s no moon, but…

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