Glow In The Dark Space Invaders

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Glow In The Dark Space Invaders

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There’s something about Space Invaders as a franchise that completely exemplifies nostalgia. Whether it’s a retro gaming console that contains classic games and uses Space Invaders as a headliner, or it’s wallpaper that shows off an entire horde of 8-bit aliens to replicate the game’s feeling on a wall, Space Invaders has permeated our culture as the definitive example of “classic gaming.”

However, it seems that no matter how many products use the little guys as theme or inspiration, we never really get an actual Space Invader. They always come in large groups, plastered on things, or displayed en masse. No more! Glow in the Dark Invaders features three (that’s right, three, not 9001) individual invaders that can be set anywhere! They don’t even have to be in the same place as each other, if your kids don’t want them to be. The nerdlings can put them on a dresser, hang them on a wall, or keep them by their pillow at night. The best part, is that they glow in the dark (preemptive sunlight required), so these aliens shine bright even in the most pitch black darkness.

Finally, a tangible Space Invader for your kids that isn’t an afterthought emblazoned on another product. Now to convince them that the actual game these are based on is still as cool as it was when we played it.

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