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Go Fish Modern Art

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Brilliant children deserve brilliant games and toys. Stubby Pencil’s clever twist on the classic game of “Go Fish” is both beautiful and interesting, providing a new way to play an old (and somewhat tired) game. Go Fish for Modern Art features prints from renowned artists such as Klee, Chagall, Warhol and others, rather than ridiculous cartoons or some other such nonsense which is surely beneath your noble little savage.

The game also comes with a fact booklet, boasting info about the artists and their works. Many educators and philosophers (from Montessori to Wordsworth) believe that providing your child with a storehouse of beautiful imagery is the path towards true education and happiness. What better way to expose your child to the Masters than by making it into a game? Furthermore, the game itself can be a jumping off point for further explorations of art. Discuss and dissect the artwork the game-makers have chosen! Try to recreate (or one-up) the images you see in the game. We’re sure that your beacon of brilliance can create something just as gorgeous as Liechtenstein! Fishing for art will surely be the first step towards becoming a future art collector. Hope you’ve got a trust fund waiting!

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