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Goes Up To Eleven T-Shirt

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Pop cultural references in conversations, songs, witty social network updates, and tweets are a firm indicator that past and present trends are your forte. You love squeezing in obscure movie titles and quotes when talking to random, disinterested people on the bus. It’s a skill unnecessary to some, but breakfast, lunch, and dinner to so many others like you.

This is Spinal Tap, the 1982 classic spoof about a fictional heavy metal, is the perfect example of a movie spawning dozens of quotable references for you to annoyingly cite. From lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel (“You can’t really dust for vomit.”) to lead singer/rhythm guitarist David St. Hubbins (“I believe virtually everything I read, and I think that is what makes me more selective than someone who doesn’t believe anything.”), these are the gems that keep the entertainment trivia cycle from collapsing. That’s why the most popular quote from from the film (and one of the funniest moments in mockumentary history) is featured on this referential piece of cinematic memorabilia, specifically designed for kids who know pop culture because their parents know pop culture.

This “Goes Up to Eleven” t-shirt is available for kiddie winks ages 1-12. As a parent who appreciates all things metal and comedic, this is the perfect gift for your kids. They’ll learn to appreciate the magic of movie quotes, and quizzically look at you every time you reference Stonehenge. And if you choose to show your mini metal heads the magic of Spinal Tap, then disregarding the rules of kids watching R-rated movies is a bold and exciting parental move on your part.

You are an awesome parent, and should revel in your movie quoting talent. REVEL!

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