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GoGo’s Crazy Bones

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Sometimes reinventing ancient history can produce ridiculous results. Crazy Bones was a popular toy with kids in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, but it wasn’t the first time the game was played. Originally, Crazy Bones was known as Astragal (later Knucklebones or Jacks), and was played using similar pieces made from sheep’s bones in ancient Greece. Nowadays, the pieces are cast from hard plastic, but there’s no doubt that the game was heavily inspired by its roots. Crazy Bones relied on this to become one of the most popular and played kid’s toys of the time period, selling almost 32 million sets.

There’s no denying that a game still played since ancient Greece has to have some merit to it. Crazy Bones is as much of a collecting addiction for kids, as it is a game that they can play. Each of the pieces is unique, and has its own name. This makes collecting them and finding favorites part of the fun. Your kids can hoard the Crazy Bones that they like, and trade the ones they don’t with their friends. Easy to collect, fun to open for the surprise factor, and fun to play.

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