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Goodnight iPad

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The newest generation of children is living in a world almost completely unlike the one we grew up in. Today’s kids are inundated with technologies that were restricted to the world of science fiction back in late ‘70s, ‘80s and even early ‘90s. Households are crammed to the brim with flat screen televisions, wirelessly networked computers, touch screen tablets, and mobile phones that make Star Trek: TNG look dated. With all this cool stuff constantly feeding us information, it can be hard for both adults and children alike to unwind at the end of the day, and get enough sleep. We might need to take a step back, and make sure our kids are learning how to manage this deluge of stimulation — and maybe relearn some basic life lessons ourselves.

“Goodnight iPad,” by the cleverly pseudonymed Ann Droyd, attempts to do just this by reimagining the children’s classic “Goodnight Moon” for a modern audience. This parody, which follows the structure and form of the original, teaches a poignant message to mini-technophiles (and their parents) about the importance of putting our gadgets away at night and getting some rest. Your kids will thank you when they’re old enough to understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. It’s also a nice reminder for adults out there that it’s OK to turn off our toys when it’s time for bed. They’ll still be there waiting to connect us to the world again in the morning.

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