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Goodnight, Keith Moon

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Disclosure: This item is really more for grown ups even though it is written like a children’s novel. So yeah, don’t go buying this thinking it will make a good read for your kids, but we thought it was cool and wanted to feature it anyway.

There are lots of parents with open minds who aren’t afraid to tell their children about drugs and booze and sex, who will let their kids watch horror movies at 1am, and who will play Pretty Hate Machine on repeat as a bedtime lullaby. They’ll leave sharp objects like samurai swords on the kitchen table, use foul language, and proudly display their collection of plastic fetus art throughout their home. While most “traditional” parents would call these people irresponsible, to actually witness the uninhibiting of children to what’s socially deemed as wrong is interesting. Many develop into mentally and emotionally stable individuals who know more about life than those who grow up coddled and sheltered.

Goodnight, Keith Moon, a parody of the famous bedtime storybook, Goodnight, Moon, is one book that traditionalists would find offensive and that non-traditionalists would find humorous.

The famed drummer from The Who is featured in this new age spin of a classic child’s tale as a rock star lying dead in his bedroom. With the turn of every page, kids get to wish good night to the various objects in Keith’s room: a deceased singer from The Mammas and Pappas, a pile of upchuck, an old, rusty touring van, and say a final farewell to good ol’ Croaky Mcgee. For parental units unafraid of exposing their kids to pills and liquor (or R. Kelly’s bizzaro opera, “Trapped In The Closet,” for that matter) buying this book is a must. It gently teaches children about death and addiction (if you haven’t already) via the dismal demise of a dead rock star. Goodnight, Keith Moon, goodnight.

Here’s a video of Keith collapsing, maybe due to horse tranquilizers? Who knows?

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