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Goomba Baby Rattle

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The first video game your child should be introduced to is Super Mario Brothers. Period. No debate needed. Unfortunately, infants lack the proper coordination to wield a controller or swipe a touchscreen. Does that mean all you can do is force them to watch the Super Mario Brothers Super Show!? Nope, thanks to the talented people using Etsy, we can now purchase the vile Goomba as a handmade crocheted rattle toy.

Your little plumber in training can shake rattle and roll this diabolical Goomba all over the crib. Don’t worry grown ups, once your little toadstool finishes slobbering and coating it with slime you can just throw it in the wash.

Goombas everywhere, will soon cower with fear as your munchkin Yoshi crawls by. We can’t guarantee that your child is the next video game prodigy, but they’ll be ready to stomp some Goomba butt when it comes time to hit the power button.

In the meantime, here is Bill O’Reilly on Inside Edition featuring the Mario Brothers debut. I wonder if he did this live. Check out the 3:12 mark. Which one of you didn’t want to be this guy at ten years old?


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