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Goomba Cell Phone Strap

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Etsy is a haven for illicitly manufactured, nonofficial video game merchandise. They always describe it as “fan art.” I remain suspicious as to whether that claim would actually stand up in court, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy EVERYTHING. Where else would you find something like this awesome Goomba cellphone strap? It’s not like they have a Nintendo merchandise store built into every mall throughout the country.

The artist, terrifyingly named MilkCannon, creates these trinkets by hand from scratch with every order. Which means you can modify the items to your heart’s desire. Prefer a gold chain to a silver one? No problem. Want the charm a little bigger or smaller? Done deal.

If squishy brained Goombas aren’t your favorite, the artist has a number of other charms and chains available featuring a multitude of beloved video game characters and items. I personally dig on the grunt worker of Bowser’s army because of his vacant, glassy stare and his absurd underbite. He reminds me of some football players I used to know. Also, really, Goombas are the ones who do all the hard work, toiling across the Mushroom Kingdom looking for a particularly obese plumber to pick a fight with. They deserve some love.

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