Goth Out Your Kid With The Latest In Horror Apparel


Halloween is a 365 day celebration in our home. You know the cliche, Everyday is Halloween. My wife and I are huge horror film fans and with a little one on the way, we need to prepare an appropriate wardrobe that expresses what we’re passionate about. Finding quality goth, horror and Halloween themed onesies and kid t-shirts is like trying to navigate an asteroid belt in a Star Destroyer. Performing a Google search will end you up on crappy websites like Cafepress, Zazzle or completely irrelevant retailer sites like Target. Believe me, it is easy to get frustrated quick. Matter of fact, do yourself a favor and never buy clothes from Cafepress or Zazzle. They use ink jet printing for all their custom clothes. Saying the graphics suck is an understatement. You want to make sure a company is using a screen printer. So how do you search for this niche? Have no fear, that’s what we’re here for and we’ve already done the hard work for you.

Let’s start off with a company that I truly love, Redbubble.  Redbubble acts as a marketplace that allows artists and designers to sell apparel right from their website. It’s safe, secure and high quality. The following designs come in onesies all the way up to 12 years old. 

lego zombie

First, if you or your kid loves LEGO and zombies then why not this mashup. Sooner or later your child is going to love LEGOs. Chances are, you already own a few.

slenderman onesie


Let’s make sure we don’t leave all you gamers out. Your kid is probably too young to have played Slender Man, but I’m guessing they already know about him and how terrifying he is. Well, viola. Thanks to Neizan, an artist on Redbubble, you can slap this on your child and read them sweet happy bedtime stories. Oh god, what’s that noise? Too late.. AHHHGGHGHGggggg……

bettlejuice onesie


Finally from Redbubble, we have the classic horror comedy Betelgeuse, aka Beetlejuice. I’m sure you’re dying for your kid to be old enough to show them this movie. Just don’t say his name three times. Speaking of saying names multiple names, I’m still on the lookout for a Candyman design. Be sure to check out all of Redbubble’s horror designs for kids.

Switching gears, we head over to the UK and take a look at the fantastic online retailer Stardust. These sizes only fit up to 12 months, and are onesies (rompers).



I love this Scary Face onesie. It’s super cute in a demonic kind of way. Appropriate for Halloween and horrific enough to scare the pants off the in-laws. Side Note: You never ever want to see your in laws without pants on.



If you are looking for something a little more cute and less black then this Monster Zombie is perfect.  I love how many of their onesies are gender neutral.

For babies slightly older than 12 months, but less than 2 years, I would definitely check out Grease Gas & Glory.



Frankies Garage Baby Romper appeals to every undead hot rod mechanic on the planet. Not sure why he has only one eye, but still makes a killer onesie.

If you want something a little more on the cutesy side, but not quite vomit adorable level then Grindstore has some designs you should look at. These sizes are for preschool to elementary ages only.

30811-1-550x550 30810-1-550x550

These Werewolf and Vampire tees will be eaten up by your young offspring, and come in Frankenstein and the Mummy as well.

If you are looking for something slightly more unique then we suggest heading over to Kreepsville666 for some frightening kid tees and onesies.



These awesome Teething Drac and Little Miss Ghoul designs are to die for. Both come in infant and tee.

Finally, for you hardcore fans out there who love those B-Cult flicks, check out the kid shirts on 8ball. These kid sized shirts are excellent and really deserve their own future article. We’ll post one soon enough.






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