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Gothic Madeleine Dress

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It’s always a good idea to have a hobby, or even several hobbies. Interests are important and without them we’d all be boring louts. That’s why record stores, comic book shops, and gothic dens are so cool to frequent: they satisfy our inner nerdom and cater to our impulsing desire for stuff we don’t necessarily need but buy anyway.

Out of those few hobby shops mentioned, the “Gothic dens” are a bit harder to find, but when you do discover one, you find yourself frequenting said den on a fairly consistent basis. Incense, Gargoyles, statues, jewelry, this is the place you go to for all of those things. Some shops even have amazing collectible faerie sets that make Amy Brown’s fantasy faeries look like a lot less cool than they actually are (and they’re pretty cool), while others have dresses that will turn your elegant pixie into a beautiful faerie princess.

The Madeline Dress from is everything that your little faerie would want. Made of chiffon and spandex velvet, the fluted sleeves and shiny, white material is light and easy to twirl around in like a mini Stevie Knicks, and is crafted for tiny-Pagans-in-training ages 5 and below. In no time your baby girl’s dreams will become a reality and she’ll be princess for a day (or perhaps for the next two weeks), and will somehow understand that hobbies and interests are awesome and should always be catered to. Fair warning, though–and this may come as a bit of a surprise–but unfortunately, faerie wings are not included. Sorry. Guess you’ll have to hit up Tinkerbell for a favor.

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