Goths, Zombies, Nerds and Pirates Just Some Of The New Sock Monkeys Out This Year


The iconic image of the original sock monkey made its debut around 1932. Since then, kids have grown up with this frequent returning fad of a thick long heavy duty brown sock, sewn in the shape of a chimpanzee. It’s a toy that has thrilled millions of kids. Currently, you can purchase the cute little stuffed animals from major retailers like Target, including similarly themed pajamas, books and even slippers. The sock monkey has dominated American culture almost as much as apple pie.


Under normal circumstances, we would never cover a regular sock monkey toy on Nerdy With Children. That’s just not our bag.  I’m sure you are wondering, “Why sock monkeys?”. Good question, the answer is Planet Sock Monkey. A line of toys from Patch Products, who gave us the popular games Farkle and Buzzwords. So, what’s so special about these chimps? They’re aimed directly at nerds, hipsters, goths and geeks. 


Introducing six of the best sock monkeys I’ve ever seen. Eaton Dedd the zombie, M.O.N.K. the hip hop artist, Magenta Beetsch the goth, Long Sock Silver the one-eyed pirate, Star Harmonkey the rock n roller and Ima Bananerd, the geek extraordinaire.  My two favorites are Magenta Beetsch, obviously modeled after the Rocky Horror Pictureshow, and Eaton Dedd the undead monkey who’s promoting peace and love (just don’t let him get too close).

chilled monkey brains

Looks like Indy’s not the only one who loves monkey brains.

Speaking of brains it’s nice to see Patch break from the mainstream opinion that females can’t be nerds. Ima Bananerd comes complete with a fancy monkey backpack. The detail that Patch put into these toys is not to be overlooked. There’s quality here, and I’m very pleased with it. I wouldn’t recommend these for little kids, but they should hold up fine for your elementary aged offspring.


Each monkey comes with its own unique accessory and a short profile on the back of their packaging that lists some pertinent information about their origin. I would love to see another series with an astronaut, hacker and a grunge rocker.

You can purchase these groovy monkeys over at the Patch product website.

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