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Green Day Playing With Matches Card Game

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To think, over 20 years ago Green Day was once an underground punk band in Berkeley, California. Weird, right? They had little to no desires of becoming a mainstream commodity in the music world. They were playing for themselves, their friends, and the punk appreciators who showed up at the basement shows and music venues (like 924 Gilman Street) they frequently played. The Man was the enemy, record labels the devil, and money and fame were not of interest.

And then Dookie dooked it all up.

Once Dookie was released in 1994, its overwhelming success and explosive popularity exiled pop punk’s biggest act from the community that first accepted them, forcing the boys of Green Day into the one thing they feared: mainstream acceptance. But they embraced their newfound status with integrity, without forgetting the punk rock ethics that brought them there, quickly evolving into punk rock’s most successful and lucrative band of all time.

With kids comprising some of Green Day’s biggest cheerleaders, testing the trivia skills of their favorite band with the Green Day Playing with Matches Card Game is a wonderfully nerd-tastic item for kids ages 8 and above. It’s a fun matching game for younger kids, and a great way for the older ones to learn facts about the band they may not know. With questions revolving around band members and history, watch as your kids compile more cards than you and laugh in your face as they realize they know something you don’t. As a kid, there’s nothing better than outsmarting authority figures, and there’s nothing more punk rock than that.

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