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Green Gator Spiked Backpack

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“RAWR!” screams a rampaging kid pretending to be a monster…or maybe it’s a monster just pretending to be your kid? Either way, the Green Gator Spiked Backpack by MadPax lets your little creature take some of that adorable ferociousness to school.

And who couldn’t use a protective, spiked gator shell while trudging through those scary hallways? We know that would technically be a crocodile instead of an alligator, but zoological accuracy isn’t the point of this backpack. The spikes are there to look cool, not perfectly resemble a specific predatory reptile, and this backpack tells kids that they’re ready to take on whatever’s thrown at them.

This particular spikepack is full-size, so it can carry everything (short of that antelope they ambush at the drinking fountain). The large size actually makes it most suitable for tweens who like goofy stuff, and it’s refreshing to have spikes be fanciful instead of faux-threatening. But MadPax also makes smaller sizes that will serve the carrying needs of younger children. They don’t stop at green or even with spikes — check out the whole line here for varieties in purple, pink, black, white and beyond. An adventurous family could get a set so they can stick together, even while standing out.

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