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The other day at the doctor’s office, I witnessed a young mom do everything short of juggling to keep her tantrum-throwing toddler daughter from ripping every framed watercolor off the wall. As most of us know, we become much better at withholding judgment once we enter parenthood. There’s some kind of parental karma at work here—critique others’ methods of discipline and the very next day your child will undoubtedly do something to get you both thrown out of Gymboree.

Fortunately (for mom and everyone in the waiting room—little girl seemed to be having a blast) I had my iPad in my bag and my trusty iPad already had the Grover and Elmo book app to end all apps ready and waiting to be launched. As predicted, the little screamer was dazzled and managed to smile and keep busy wiping away at my screen until her mother was called into the examining room (the iPad/Elmo separation anxiety that ensued wasn’t pretty, but my selflessness has to have limits, right?)

The point is: whether you adore or abhor technology, our kids are quite fond of it. Not only does it keep them entertained, it has the power to teach and prepare them for school. And while you can and should probably discourage them from carrying your iPad from point A to point Z in the house (remember: point F is the bathtub), there are ways to keep them from destroying your expensive device.

Griffin’s LightBoard Case is both a protective, shatter-resistant iPad case and a fun artist canvas. A built-in polycarbonate screen protects your display from scratches and features openings for your speakers and headphones. Meanwhile, the case is custom-built for a free Griffin app (LightBoard Trace app) that allows your child to slide a piece of paper into the case’s clipboard frame and draw more than 35 images.

Your children learn to handle your iPad with greater care, you can relax (a bit more), and the refrigerator gets yet another piece of kiddie artwork. Everyone wins.

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