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Groovy Girls Galexia

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Is your young one into superheroes and science fiction, but you don’t feel quite comfortable giving them a doll that’s…ahem…busting out all over the place? Then give them something that you both will feel good about. Galexia (not to be confused with Galaxina) is a superheroine who is out of this world! With her cute silver tiara and green cape, she’s ready to fly into battle to defend the earth at any time. She’s not like all those other heroes; she’s got a style that’s all her own. Anyone can get an average toy of a well known character, but this doll is a little more unique.

If your nerdling is looking for an interesting doll that they can make up their own adventures and origin story for, this wonderful Groovy Girls character might just be the perfect choice. With her cute little purple dress, blue leopard print armbands and shiny silver boots, she’s got the special gear she needs to fight off all the scary things that go bump in the darkness of space. When you’ve got Galexia by your side, no foe is too big and no bad guy is too scary. Help your kids to take care of all those nasty monsters and give them a friend they’ll never forget with this awesome little superhero.

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